Stein Club Application

In the spirit of camaraderie and conversation found in the bierhalls throughout Munich, the Bavarian
Bierhaus is launching a Stein Club right here in Nashville! The Stein Club serves as a way to gather
once a week at the Bierhaus with old and new friends alike and enjoy the greatest bier in the world!


Stein Club

Member Benefits:

• Receive Your Very Own Stein
• Assignment of Numbered Stein Locker
• Receive 15% Off Every Day on Bier, Food, &
Retail (Excludes Wine & Liquor)
• Half-Price Liters on Tuesdays
• VIP Invitation to Special Events
• Stammtisch (Table) in Bierhall for Stein Club
Members Only

Membership Terms

$65 Membership Renews Yearly.  One time $35 Application Fee for New Members ($100 for First Year)

We will offer early renewal parties and discounts throughout the year so keep an eye out for discounts.

Registration Fee

35.00 USD - Registration Fee (Only Once)

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